Jimmy’s Bar

1828 4th St NE
Pull-tabs daily
Gas: Tues 5pm
Meat: Thurs 5pm, Sat 3pm
Bingo: Thurs 6:30pm

Elsie’s Bowling & Restaurant

729 Marshall St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

BJ’s Lounge

229 W Broadway Ave
Pull-tabs daily
Meat: Sunday 2pm

Cliff-n-Norm’s Bar

2024 Washington Ave N
Pull-tabs and e-tabs daily
Meat: Fri 5pm
Bingo: Wed 5:30pm

Dusty’s Bar

1319 Marshall St NE
Pull-tabs daily (games at bar)
Meat: Fri 6pm

Village Pub

2720 Hwy 88, St. Anthony
Pull-tabs daily
Meat: Wed 5:30pm
Bingo: Thurs 7pm

The 1029 Bar

1029 Marshall St NE
Pull-tabs and e-tabs daily
Tri-Wheel: Wed–Sat 7pm–1am, Sun 4pm–10pm, Mon 9pm–1am
Meat: Fri 5:30pm
Bingo: Tues 6:30pm, Sat 2pm

The NE Lions are accepting applications for part-time gambling positions. If you are reliable, trustworthy and flexible, download an employment application (pdf). You can send your completed application to us by mail, email, or drop it off at one of our booths.

MN License 02677