Lions Club of NE Minneapolis Lawful Purpose Donation Requests

Lawful Purpose donations are donations made from Charitable Gambling Funds.
These funds are regulated by both City and State entities as well as by our Audit Committee/Board of Directors.

To Submit A Donation Request:

  1. You must submit a request in writing.
  • Letter should state the reason for the need, what specifically the money will be used for. To include any timing concerns or consideration needing attention.
  • This letter can come by US mail to NE Lions Club 714-18 ½ Avenue NE Minneapolis, MN 55418, faxed to 612-788-0313, or by email to It may also be given to a NE Lions Club Board member for submission.
  • Must include complete information for the donation recipient (who the check should be made out to -correct spelling of the first and last name, as well as phone number, and address.)
  • Must include contact information (phone/email) of the person submitting the request.
  • 501c3 organizations should submit a copy of their determination letter.
  1. The request must be for use in the geographic area of NE Minneapolis and the
    Village of St. Anthony. This would be the area in the strictest sense, although other projects would be included where northeast residents are the beneficiary (i.e. scholarships.)
  2. The request must be for a specific dollar amount. However, the Board may vote to give, but give a lesser or greater amount than was requested. The general mission statement the NE Lions use as guidance in determining a dollar amount is that, “greater dollars are given where a greater population is served.”
  3. Please click here to download the required by law Minneapolis Donation form, and completely fill in the lower box to the best of your ability (leave blank if you have questions and we will follow up upon approval for any missing information) and include it with your request letter.  This form MUST be included with EVERY donation request.
  4. Please ALSO click here to download formLG555 if you are a unit of government/school. Include this form completely filled out (again you only need this form attached IF you are a unit of government or school) with your donation request letter.

NOTE: The Board meets the 4th Tuesday monthly (unless it falls on a Holiday). If the Board approves the submitted donation request, our Gambling Manager or a Board Member will reach out to the person who submitted the request within 7 days to inform them and arrange for check delivery.
All donations are individually discussed and are approved/denied at the Boards discretion.

The Lions Club of Northeast Minneapolis approves a large donation yearly to the Lions Foundation of Northeast Minneapolis, whose sole purpose is Educational Scholarships for local area schools. They work closely with the local schools to directly provide the necessary guidelines and allocated funds. Each school chooses their own Lions Club of Northeast Minneapolis Scholarship recipients. If you would like to apply for this scholarship please contact the counselor at your/your child’s school to learn more about the qualifications/application.

This entity, Lions Foundation of Northeast Minneapolis is totally separate from our Club with their own mission, officers, and bylaws.

For this reason our Club no longer gives priority to requests from graduating seniors.

The 1029 Bar

1029 Marshall St NE
Pull-tabs and e-tabs daily
Tri-Wheel: Wednesday–Saturday 7pm–1am, Sun 4pm–10pm
Meat Raffle: Friday 5:30pm
Bingo: Tuesday 6:30pm, Saturday 2pm

Cliff-n-Norm’s Bar

2024 Washington Ave N
Pull-tabs and e-tabs daily
Meat Raffle: Friday 5pm
Bingo: Wednesday 5:30pm

Dusty’s Bar

1319 Marshall St NE
Pull-tabs daily (games at bar)
Meat Raffle: Friday 6pm

Jimmy’s Bar

1828 4th St NE
Pull-tabs daily
Meat Raffle: Thursday 5pm, Saturday 3pm
Bingo: Thursday 6:30pm

Elsie's Bowling & Restaurant

729 Marshall St. NE
Pull-tabs daily
Bingo: Monday 6 pm
Meat Raffle: Thursday 6pm

BJ’s Lounge

229 W Broadway Ave
Pull-tabs daily
Meat Raffle: Sunday 2pm

Village Pub

2720 Hwy 88, St. Anthony
Pull-tabs daily

The NE Lions are accepting applications for part-time gambling positions. If you are reliable, trustworthy and flexible,  send your completed application to us by mail, email, or drop it off at one of our booths.

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